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solar racking and tracking systems

40KW- Waterproof Aluminum Solar Carport in Palestine

Jun 05, 2024

Installation Site: Palestine

Installation Date: 2023.12

Generating Capacity:40KW

Palestine, a region rich in history and culture, is actively embracing green energy technologies for sustainable development. Solar carport racking systems, as one of these innovative applications, are gaining popularity in Palestine.
Advantages of Solar Carport Racking System
The solar carport racking system combines the functions of photovoltaic power generation and a parking shed, not only providing shade for vehicles from the sun and rain, but also utilizing the top space of the carport for solar power generation. This system is not only beautiful and practical, but also reflects the concept of photovoltaic building integration.
Carport PV Racking 40KW Project Case in Palestine
Kseng solar demonstrated a 40KW carport PV racking project in Palestine. By installing PV racking on top of the carport, the project converts solar energy into electricity, providing clean and renewable energy for local residents. This initiative not only improves the efficiency of energy utilization, but also helps to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels.
Solar carport PV racking system by Moldex3D
Kseng solar's solar carport PV racking system demonstrates support and commitment to a sustainable future. Unlike traditional ground mounts and roof mounts, the solar carport racking system can support the installation of a large number of modules and does not require additional land, making more efficient use of space. In hot weather, solar carports also protect cars from sun exposure and reduce radiant heat transfer.
As the global demand for renewable energy continues to grow, Palestine is showing the world its commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development by adopting solar carport racking systems. These projects not only bring practical energy solutions to local communities, but also provide valuable lessons for the global promotion of green energy.

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