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solar racking and tracking systems

48.4kW- Waterproof Aluminum Solar Carport in France

Jul 10, 2024

Installation Site: France

Installation Date: 2024.7

Generating Capacity:48.4KW

The French Aluminum Solar Carport Racking System uses the latest aluminum alloy materials and design technology to not only provide a sturdy carport structure, but also integrates highly efficient solar power generation panels. The design of this system takes full account of practicality and aesthetics, and can harmoniously integrate with various architectural styles.

1、Technological Innovation

Aluminum alloy material: The system is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which has excellent corrosion resistance and lightweight characteristics, ensuring long-term stability and durability.
Waterproof design: The unique waterproof structure design ensures that the carport stays dry even in bad weather conditions, protecting the vehicle from damage.
Solar Integration: The solar panels installed on the top of the carport are able to convert solar energy into electricity, providing clean energy for home or commercial facilities.
2, Economic Benefits
The introduction of this solar carport racking system provides consumers with a dual solution for sheltering their vehicles from the wind and rain as well as generating electricity. It not only reduces the reliance on traditional energy sources, but also saves users money on their electricity bills by generating electricity from solar energy, which has a high potential for economic returns.

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