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solar racking and tracking systems

Solar ground mount system in Thailand -300KW

Jun 05, 2024

Installation Site: Thailand

Installation Date: 2024.3

Generating Capacity:300KW

Thailand, as an emerging market for photovoltaic power generation in Southeast Asia, has made remarkable achievements in the application and promotion of solar technology in recent years. With the Thai government's strong support for renewable energy, PV racking systems, as an important part of solar power projects, have also ushered in new development opportunities.
The case of ground-mounted PV racking system in Thailand shows the wide application of Kseng solar PV racking in the world. The successful implementation of these projects not only demonstrates the reliability and high efficiency of Kseng solar's racking systems, but also shows the development potential of Thailand in the field of ground-mounted PV power generation.
With the Thai government's continued promotion of renewable energy and the active participation of international companies, Thailand's aluminum solar ground mounting system is expected to play a greater role in the future, contributing to the green energy transition in Southeast Asia.

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